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How To Get From Athens To Mykonos

Jun 14, 2019

If you are looking on how to get from Athens to Mykonos island in Greece…look no further!

athens to mykonos ferries flightsSo…I am pretty sure you are lost and don’t know how to get from Athens to Mykonos island in Greece, right?

To make it easy for you I have written this guide to help you out.

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To be honest the best way to get to Mykonos depends on your budget and on your time.

So, keep reading….


  • is the website with the most available rooms and private villas in Mykonos (more than Airbnb)
  • Let's Ferry is the best website to book your ferry tickets or check the timetables for Mykonos & all greek islands
  • Expedia has all the available flights from Athens or other European cities to Mykonos (Mykonos Airport Code: JTR) let’s get started with all the travel options from Athens to Mykonos.

You have 2 options to go from Athens to Mykonos:

But which one is really the Best Option for you?

My suggestion: go to Mykonos by plane.

Why: because it’s generally much faster and simpler than taking the ferry to Mykonos

However, you can also take the ferry which can be a very interesting alternative option for several reasons (see below Option 2).

OPTION 1: From Athens to Mykonos by Plane

athens to mykonos flight ferry

That’s obviously the quickest and most expensive option.

It takes about 30 minutes by plane to be at Mykonos’s small airport and it definitely worths it in our opinion.

There are 2 sites actually that will give you info about Mykonos’s Airport :

(don’t ask why there are 2 websites…Greece is the answer! 🙂 )

Mykonos’s Airport in Google maps:

The best and cheapest website to book or search for flights from Athens to Mykonos is:  Expedia (obviously…)

Athens Airport Code is : ATH  (ATHENS)

Mykonos Airport Code is: JMK (MYKONOS)

There are many flights from Athens to Mykonos per day , especially during the high season (Apr-Oct). Expedia has all the options!

athens to mykonos ferries flights

For 2018, the following companies will operate Direct Flights from Athens to Mykonos:

1. Aegean Airlines / Olympic Air  (they are basically the same company)

2. Ryanair

3. Volotea

4. Sky Express

The exact times of the flights change and they are not the same throughout the year so make sure you get the right times from Expedia .

But as a rule of thumb:

Basically every plane that lands on Mykonos, takes off after 40 minutes to fly back to Athens.

If you book your tickets well in advance (3-6 months) you could probably find some very good deals with return tickets.

I have flown to Mykonos with just 30-40 euros (with return!) , so it’s definitely do-able!

But you have to book it well in advance, otherwise you may have to pay up to 150 euros (normally Ryanair should be the cheapest option).

Mykonos is an extremely popular destination and probably the second most popular in Greece (after Santorini) , so everything has to be booked well in advance.

So…let’s see the pros and cons of getting to Mykonos (from Athens) by plane:

Pros (of going from Athens to Mykonos by Plane):
  • So much faster than the ferry (30 mins on the air)…you can literally save a whole day and spend it in Mykonos instead
  • If you have just landed at the Athens airport you can just wait there till your connection flight to Mykonos departs
Cons (of going from Athens to Mykonos by plane):
  • it can be much more expensive
  • the flight times to Mykonos may not be convenient and you might have to spend some boring hours at the Athens airport
  • you don’t get to see any other Greek islands ( you can get a glimpse of them by taking the ferry which is like a mini cruise in a way…see below)

Direct flights to Mykonos (from other European cities):

There are no direct flights from USA, Asia or Australia to Mykonos in 2018 (and we don’t think there will be any in the future…) but the following European companies fly directly to Mykonos from other European cities (especially between April-October):

Niki (from Vienna)

Thomas Cook (from Birmingham, Gatwick, Manchester, Brussels)

Thomson (from Birmingham, Gatwick, Manchester, Bristol)

Volotea (from Venice, Bari, Naples, Palermo)

Germanwings (from Cologne)

Norwegian (from Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm)

Transavia (from Paris, Amsterdam)

British Airways (from London Heathrow)

Condor (from Munich, Hamburg, Stuttgard, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt)

Aegean (from Russia, Italy, Cyprus)

Easyjet (from Rome, Milan, Geneva, Manchester, Gatwick)

Vueling (from Barcelona, Bilbao)

Jetairfly (from Brussels)

HolidayJet (from Zurich)

Iberia (from Barcelona)

SAS (from Stockholm)

AirBerlin (from Austria)

Bottom line:

If you plan it properly and you book your flight tickets to Mykonos well in advance, then that’s the best option. However, getting the ferry can also be a very good and interesting option (see below).

OPTION 2: From Athens to Mykonos by ferry

Going to Mykonos by ferry is the second option you have and it can be a very nice experience.

However, I do have a very important tip/secret for you:

Please do take the slowest and bigger ferries to Mykonos  (or any greek island in general…)!

Avoid the fast and smaller ferries, if you can.

They may take a few more hours to take you to your destination but you may save yourself from sea sickness and a bumpy ride.

August is the most windy month of the year in Greece and you’d better take the biggest ferry to Santorini.

But before taking the ferry, you have to go to the Athens ferry port which is called Piraeus.

The Best Website to book your ferry ticket to Mykonos or just check the timetables is: Let’s Ferry. 

How do you go from Athens Airport to the Athens Ferry Port (called Piraeus or Pireus) ?

The easiest and cheapest option is by taking the bus X96 that stops just outside of the Athens airport:

athens to mykonos x96 bus

It takes between 50 mins to 80 mins (depending on the traffic) to go to the Athens ferry port (Piraeus) and the X96 bus route to Piraeus ferry port is the following:

Mykonos Ferries depart from E7 Port Gate so you have to stop at the bus station : STATION ISAP (which is also a metro station).

Or in greek : ΣΤΑΘΜΟΣ ΗΣΑΠ

In case you feel lost you can just ask the bus driver (they always speak english if you speak with a very clear accent like an italian mafioso in a away…:) )

But in reality you will find some brand new GPS screens showing you where you actually are:

athens to mykonos

The X96 bus runs 24/7 and there is a bus every 30 mins roughly (in Greece time runs in a very strange way…so never expect something to be on time…that’s just a small tip from greeks…you’d better get used to that unfortunately). But there is a X96 bus every 30 minutes, so there will be one for you too!

Click here to see all the stops of X96 Bus (from Athens Airport to Piraeus Ferry port to Mykonos) and the timetables

athens to mykonos bus x96

For the X96 bus, you have to buy tickets from a kiosk which is just outside of the bus stop (and also just outside of the airport, just follow the “Bus” signs in the airport).

This is actually how get to those bus ticket kiosks outside of the airport:

For adults the Athens bus ticket (called “ATH.ENA) costs 6 euros and for kids (under 6) it costs 3 euros.

Validate your tickets once inside the X96 bus and you can actually use the ticket for 90 mins

This is the Piraeus Port Gate E7 for the ferries that go to Mykonos:

You can also take a taxi from the Athens airport to the Piraeus Ferry port which costs 50-60 euros but it’s really not recommended because it doesn’t worth it in our opinion…

The X96 bus is pretty fast and it costs only 6 euros!

Sometimes the Athens Airport Buses say: “AEROLIMENAS-PEIRAIAS”

Don’t get confused. This is a greek-lish version of saying: “Airport – Pireaus” so it’s the same really…

How do you go from Athens airport to Central Athens ?

That’s pretty easy too.

First of all you have to go from the Athens Airport to Syntagma Square (the most central point in Athens) either by taking the metro from the airport (it’s actually overground for some stations and then it goes underground) or the bus X95 which will take you to Syntagma Square within 30-40 mins.

This is Bus X95’s route (from Athens airport to Syntagma square – central Athens):

You can take the X95 Bus just outside from the airport.

If you want, you can also take the metro (blue line or line 3 to Aghia Marina):


Athens Metro Map (click to enlarge)

Where can I check the Athens metro last trains and schedules?

Click here to check the timetables for Athens metro and see if you can catch the last one if your flight arrives too late!

How do you go from Central Athens to Piraeus ferry port ?

The easiest way is by taking the metro green line (or Line 1).

It takes about 30 mins from Monastiraki Square or Omonoia Square at Central Athens and the metro station at Piraeus ferry port is just outside Port Gate E7 (the one for the ferries to Santorini).

What are the available ferries from Athens to Mykonos for 2017?

The first thing you have to do is basically go and check : Let’s Ferry for timetables and availability (and also to book your ferry ticket if you want)

As I said previously, the best option is to take the largest, the slowest but definitely more stable ferry to Santorini. These are the Blue Star Ferries.

However, there are 3 ferry options from Athens to Mykonos :

1. Blue Star Ferries

These are the most stable, the largest and the slowest ferries to Mykonos.

It takes them about 2:30 hours to arrive in Mykonos.

ferry to mykonos

These ferries are the biggest you can take to go to Santorini and are by far the most stable.

No matter how bumpy or windy it is, you won’t feel much with these ones.

The Blue Star Ferries from Athens to Mykonos, visit other islands before they arrive at Mykonos which can give you a very good glimpse of the other greek islands too (Tinos, Syros, Paros , Naxos, Ios etc depending on which ferry you take).

You don’t get to see much but it’s nice to feel like you are on a small cruise!

The best way to check for the available Blue Star Ferry times schedule is to visit Let’s Ferry website.

There is a ferry that does this island route:  Piraeus(Athens) – Siros – Tinos – Mykonos

And I recommend taking this one as it’s the fastest (compared to other Blue Star Routes)

The Blue Star Ferries run 365 days per year and the timetables for 2017 high season haven’t been announced yet (we’ll update that post asap)

(But be careful…the routes change every 2-3 months…check which period is applicable to you!! check the months range on the timetables!!):

How much does a Blue Star Ferry to Mykonos cost?

The cheapest ticket to Mykonos (Super Economy) costs 20 euros but you may seat on the deck (you may not even get a seat sometimes). This price is only for limited tickets and you won’t find it in high season. The cheapest ticket you would find is the ECONOMY Class for 36.50 (not guaranteed seat)

I do recommend spending a few more money and get the 41.50 ticket where you will get a numbered aircraft type seat inside the ferry.

Again: check Let’s Ferry for the most updated prices !

ferry mykonos athens

These were the Blue Star prices in 2016 but expect similar prices in 2017.

I don’t believe a cabin is necessary for a ferry to Mykonos (2:30 hrs) but there is always that option as well (you can upgrade to a cabin inside the ferry).

There is always a snack bar in every Blue Star ferry where you can buy sandwiches and even lunch.

Where can you book Blue Star ferry tickets from Athens to Mykonos?

The best way is through : Let’s Ferry website.

But…You can also just visit any travel agency in Athens or even at the Athens Airport (go to the info kiosk and ask for the travel agencies for ferry tickets) when you arrive in Athens and book your ticket to Mykonos.

Be careful though: According to the law the tickets have to be printed out only by certified travel agencies or the ferry companies themselves so even if you book it online you have to visit a travel agent to take the print outs anyways (this can even happen in the Piraeus port though just outside of the ferry before boarding – there are kiosks in port that do that if you give them your booking number or printout)

2. Seajet Catamaran

These are closed catamarans with no deck which take you to Mykonos within 2:35 hours. They are the smallest of all the ferries that go to Mykonos but they are more likely to be cancelled due to weather conditions.

Make sure to check the Let’s Ferry website for the detailed updated timetables and prices.

It currently costs 75 euros to get from from Athens to Mykonos (one-way).

In Seajets you don’t get the option to go out on the deck (there is no deck…it’s basically like being on a plane).

I really don’t see any reason to pay that price when with Blue Star ferries you arrive at the same time in half the price…

3. HighSpeed Ferries

This is the third option that also takes you to Mykonos within 2:30 hours.

ferry to mykonos

Make sure to check the Let’s Ferry website for the detailed updated timetables and prices.

The Highspeed ferry departs from Athens port (remember? it’s called Piraeus!) in the afternoon and it takes 5 hours to arrive to Mykonos while the ticket costs 35 euros.

To be honest it is a pretty slow option but it’s the only option you have if you want to travel to Mykonos in the afternoon (note: I don’t know the timetables for 2017 but I do expect to be similar to the 2016).

The Highspeed ferry departs at 16:00 from Athens port but please check Let’s Ferry to be sure.

Do you have to book any ferry tickets to Mykonos online or in advance?

Booking in advance a Ferry ticket to Mykonos is always good, especially during high season as ferries might become full (don’t worry…you would always be able to find the cheapest ticket even in the middle of August) .

Let’s Ferry is a great website where you can find prices and timetables for any destinations around Greece and all greek islands.

Where can I check for the greek ferries timetables?

On Let’s Ferry , you can check the timetables of Greek Ferries and book your tickets on the spot, securely and fast. Though you have to collect your ticket printout from a kiosk at the Piraeus port or any other travel agency in Greece (even the one at the airport)

Bottom Line:

To be honest I would only recommend taking the Blue Star ferry to Mykonos from Athens Ferry Port (Pireas or Piraeus) because it’s the most stable and the ride can be much better because you have the opportunity to seat on the deck and enjoy the amazing greek blue sea and the nice weather.

It’s also the cheapest option of all without compromising in speed.

Make sure you have plenty of movies loaded on your tablet, crosswords and books in hand… (it’s also a good idea to have some food with you because even though there are some restaurants in the Blue Star Ferries they might be slightly more expensive).

Also you get to see some other greek islands before you arrive in Mykonos (ok…it’s just the port but you can still take a selfie!).

The best website to book your ferry from Athens to Mykonos is : Let’s Ferry 

If you do book your ticket online though you have to pick up your ticket print-out  from the Blue Star kiosk at Gate E7 at the Piraeus ferry port.


*This article is updated regularly to include all the latest routes and timetables from Athens to Mykonos


  • is the website with the most available rooms and private villas in Mykonos (more than Airbnb)
  • Let's Ferry is the best website to book your ferry tickets or check the timetables for Mykonos & all greek islands
  • Expedia has all the available flights from Athens or other European cities to Mykonos (Mykonos Airport Code: JTR)
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