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May 14, 2017

I have personally travelled thousands of times to and from Mykonos and to/from other greek islands (like Santorini) and the companies listed below are the exact ones that I use to book my hotel (when I don’t stay at my place or at friends’ places), my flights or even book my ferry or rent a car while on any of the greek islands. They are the best for your trip to Mykonos and they have the most available options than any other website online. Trust me on that…

Accommodation in Mykonos

booking dot com hotels santorini is by far the website with the most available hotels, apartments and villas for Mykonos. Even more than Airbnb. The great thing is that you can cancel anytime and that all of the rooms and villas are instantly available (you don’t have to wait for the host to accept). Also, prices are the cheapest out there and the thousands of real reviews that you will find on their website makes it the best choice for booking your hotel or villa in Mykonos.

Flights to and from Mykonos

flights santorini

Expedia is such a trustworthy solution when it comes to flights. It’s literally a no-brainer for me when I want to book our flights to Mykonos as all the options are there with comparison tables to select the cheapest or the most convenient of the flights.

Ferries to and from to Mykonos (and other greek islands)

ferry to santoriniLet’s Ferry is by far the best website to book and check the timetables of your ferry to and from Mykonos and any of the greek islands. Forget any other websites that you may see around. Let’s Ferry has been an absolute gem for myself and when I haven’t stopped using it since I discovered it a couple of years ago. You can check every single ferry that runs through the greek seas connecting major cities (like Athens) and all the islands. It’s the best tool to organise your greek island hopping!

Rent a Car in Mykonos

rent a car is hte only website you need to compare prices and find available cars for Mykonos or any other greek island to be honest. Do you need a car in Mykonos? Yes, you do need a car in Mykonos! It’s the single most common advice I give to everyone who is asking me for the bus timetables. The buses in Mykonos and in all the greek islands can be extremely unreliable, can involve hours of waiting and don’t go everywhere. You will be much more flexible and you will see much more from the island if you rent a car for at least 1-3 days. RentalCars is the best website to do that.

mykonos guide trip

Best Hotels in Mykonos:

Bill & Coo Suites and Lounge (wow!)

Rocabella Mykonos (possibly the most instagram-ed hotel of the island)

Cavo Tagoo (seriously?)

Lyo Boutique Hotel (look at this pool...)

Best Private Villas in Mykonos:

Panormos Villas (can I have that for myself?)

Cloud Blue Holiday Home (perfect for a family)

La Vie En Blue (best seaview villa...)

Villa Evi (celebrity level luxury...)


Panormos Villas (can I have that for myself?)

Cloud Blue Holiday Home (perfect for a family)

La Vie En Blue (best seaview villa...)

Villa Evi (celebrity level luxury...)


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We are not just visitors.

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